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Note: Here be spoilers. Well, sometimes, but you may find photos or info about the location or description of a cache. You've been warned!

(Not so) Grim geocaching adventures with a bouncy horse

Yesterday was another gorgeous day of geocaching in woodsy Pennsylvania with my dad. :) We looked for five caches and I snagged them all- a good day. I think dad had found all of these, but he tags along with me so I can find them, too.

First we hit a playground for Playtime:

After trying to figure out what the funnel things were on the jungle gym thing and agreeing with my dad that they were something from Dr Suess (later I realized they were things you could talk into, but I like our idea better), I located the cache. Er... after ending up with a pound of woodchips in my hair. Note to self: pull hair back when near the ground.

And then it was playtime- after signing the cache log, I jumped on yet another bouncy animal, this time a horse:

Dad asked why I didn't pick the duck again; I said I wanted a change. ;) Luckily there was no one around because it meant no one got suspicious of me poking around- or wondering why a grown woman was sitting on a bouncy horse. LOL!

Next up we headed into the woods for Stream to Screen. This was one located at a gauging station next to a creek. My camera decided to make this picture be very green:

I have to say, this is the most... er... vertical cache I'd located so far (a status that didn't last long because we found two on top of cliffs later that day, lol). While climbing up this one, I had to joke-grumble about the cacher before me being tall- or at least taller than me. I really had to stretch!

I thought this one was neat because my dad was actually the first to find earlier this week and I was #6:

Next up we crossed the street and headed for three caches that were in the same general area; these were all near an old railroad track, a future Rails to Trails:

First up was A Grim Adventure. Yup, this one was themed on "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy", so of course I insisted on quoting that show as we hiked to the cache. Alas, my dad hasn't seen it, so my speaking in a Jamaican accent just confused him. Oddly enough, I was going to wear a shirt with Grim on it without realizing what caches we were hitting, but decided at the last minute not to. Double alas!

I braved sticker bushes, poison ivy and spiderwebs (spiders are definitely the worst of the bunch!) and got to a spot that looked rather suspicious. And yup, there was the cache, in it's Grim-ly glory (hope it's okay to share cache pictures- this one was just so cool! And apt!).

After I signed the log, we headed off to the next one nearby, The Edge is Never Dull. Great cache location with a great view- I was kind of wishing it was winter, though, because so much greenery meant I couldn't really see down to the creek. But since I wouldn't want to be caching in winter, I'll take the greenery. ;)

I'm going to assume this was painted to look like a face? Anyway, I practiced my climbing skills and located the cache, then climbed the rest of the way to the top:

Unfortunately my camera didn't really show how high up I was; dad was pretty far below:

We continued on, but near the cache I spotted the word "Art" graffitied on the rock. Since I'm an artist, I had to pose for a picture:

Picture taken, we headed for the last cache, Rails and Trails 2. We joked that this one you needed to be half-goat to get to because it was even higher up than the last one. But we made it up! (Yay, I'm in better shape than I thought I was!) Something caught my eye, and I wandered towards it without realizing that this geocache had a hint. ;)

I found the cache and went "Ooo!" or rather "Yarrr!" when I saw what was inside:

That ruby gem is a travel bug! How cool is that! I signed the log and grabbed it, and will try to drop it off at a different cache this weekend.

Dad and I headed back down the mountain (why did I not get a picture of that? Oh, right, I was too busy sliding down on my butt on the slippery dead leaves, lol!), and wandered over to check out a bridge. Or what was left of one, anyway:

At this point I was all sorts of worn out, so we called it a day. But it was a lot of fun! I love getting to hike in the woods- what can I say, I'm an elf-girl. ;)

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