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Note: Here be spoilers. Well, sometimes, but you may find photos or info about the location or description of a cache. You've been warned!

A day of bizarre finds- a wild recliner and a drunk tree

Blog post by Meri Greenleaf
Monday, April 25, 2011 | | 2 Comments »

Yay, the warm weather is finally sticking around! Today my dad and I found three caches- whoot! All were in the wooded area around an industrial park. (Sounds weird, but this is PA. We have LOTS of trees, hence why my caching name means "Forest Wanderers".)

The first one we looked for was MPI #4. Didn't get any pictures around this cache because I was too busy avoiding sticker bushes, poison ivy and pulling ticks off my arm. Sheesh, and here I was thinking this early in the spring I'd be safe from those, but no dice. Even just the quick trek to the cache found me a tiny tick hitching a ride. Hmph.

However, there was dice- well, one die, anyway. Picked that up from inside the cache since I'm a tabletop gamer and always find myself needing dice. ;) Left a skull ring I'd had in my purse since last Halloween:

Happily acquiring one of my favorite things, we set off to the next cache just down the road: MPI #11. I made this one FAR too difficult and joked once again about the Brandybuck direction sense and how I was bound to get us eaten by Old Man Willow. (Not too far from the truth; got stuck in a tree when it decided to eat my hair.) Turns out the cache was near the edge of the woods. Whoops?

I blame being distracted on the fact that we kept finding bits of what appeared to be green sheep:

Eventually we located the source: a rare and dangerous rogue recliner in its natural habitat, lounging near the cache with its stuffing sticking out.

WHO dumps a large chair in the middle of the woods? I mean, really? Hmph. Anyway, this mystery solved, I soon spotted the cache near some of the misplaced chair-stuffing that an animal had kindly left, possibly as a trade for swag. Who knew squirrels could geocache? ;)

We also located a cinder block with rocks perched neatly on it. Apparently the squirrels had also been using it as a table and were playing a kind of bizarre game of rock-chess:

This cache was amazingly dry, so I left the last of my hemp bracelets (will make more this week!) and took a bouncy ball. Because of caching, I not only have a new stash of dice, I also am collecting rubber duckies and bouncy balls. ;)

Bouncy ball in hand (well, in purse), we headed off to the last find of the day, Good All Gone. This one I wisely approached with a poking stick in hand, as it looked like the prime location for a snake or something that would decide an elf girl would make good dinner. Luckily the cache location was empty of wildlife. Whew!

The picture's not so great, but here's the HUGE fallen tree near the cache:

While we were climbing back up the hill, took a picture of me:

(Can't really see, but I'm wearing my "I work knights" renfaire shirt. Me, geeky?)

And snuck one of dad:

If you ever wonder why he goes by Yosemite1, look at that mustache. ;)

And on the way out I noticed one more amusingly misplaced thing- a drunk tree:

Yup, that's a tree drinking from a glass bottle. I would have removed it, but couldn't really get to it from where I was, so dad said to leave it.

So a fun day in good weather! On the way home, we also looked for another cache we have yet to find, but fourth time wasn't the charm. Someday we'll find it! We stopped for water ice on the way back, so that made up for the one "did not find" of the day. ;)


And I just realized I never blogged about the caches Josh and I found a month ago- but it was so long ago that I can't remember the details, so I'll just share the picture I took of Josh while looking for a cache last month:

It's an incredibly goofy picture but do you want to know why I shared? (Other than blackmail, I suppose...) Josh looks so much like Igik, the goblin he draws on our logs entries. Look, it's the same face! It would probably be more offensive for a fiancee to say this if said fiancee didn't have a thing for monster humanoids. LOL!