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Meet the god of birthdays and silly hats

Blog post by Meri Greenleaf
Sunday, April 29, 2012 | | 0 Comments »

Long time no post! I've found a few geocaches this year, but either they were simple parking lot ones, or they were more interesting and I forgot my camera. Going to try to remember to keep the camera on me, though!

Today my dad got my attention by telling me the first thing we would be looking for would involve what looked like an ancient Greek statue. Since I'm rather obsessed with mythology and ancient Greece, this sounded like it was right up my alley! After fighting our way past a few guard geese (okay, they were just wandering the parking lot), we found the aforementioned statue. A previous cacher had named it "Concordius", Roman god of the town (Concordville, I believe), but after meeting him, I dubbed him...

Festivius, god of birthday parties and little brother of Dionysus:

WHY a statue would be in a community center complex wearing not one, but two party hats would be anyone's guess. And my guess? He's been partying too hard since his torso was no longer connected to his legs (that and missing some important body parts, of course). This is one god of parties that won't be doing any dancing anytime soon!

And here are me and my dad hanging out with him:

Now that the weather's nice, I'm planning on caching more, so look for more pictures soon! Who knows what strange thing I'll come across next time? It's almost a big number for me, too; today's caching took me to 99. Wonder if I can find an awesome one to be my 100th?