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Note: Here be spoilers. Well, sometimes, but you may find photos or info about the location or description of a cache. You've been warned!

A June day with eight caches (and a bouncy duck!)

Yesterday's weather was gorgeous- after two months of rain and cold weather and a week of sweltering August weather, we had a gorgeous June day with clear skies and a wonderful breeze. So of course my dad and I went geocaching! I took tons of pictures because the greenery combined with the bright blue skies was so pretty, but I had my crappy old camera and most of the pictures didn't turn out. :( I have a nicer camera, but it's the one I use for my business, so I'm afraid to take it somewhere it could be dropped. Maybe I should, though, because then you can see just how gorgeous Pennsylvania is! Still, you can click the pictures to view them larger.

Anyway, today our trek took us through Lenni and Concord Township and down into Delaware. First we hit Two Creeks Make One. This was a nice sandy beach and creek- dad wants to bring the dogs here. :)

And here's dad signing the log. He spotted this one much quicker than I did, then let me look for it. I was getting frustrated so he kinda told me which direction to face, which helped because I was able to snatch it from its hiding place then. ;)

Our first cache of the day found, we set off to find J&J 4 THE KIDS. And here is where my camera decided it wanted to be stupid and not give me clear photos. *grumble grumble*

Here's the best picture I got of the location:

This one had all sorts of swag in it (which was the point- it's a kid-friendly cache), so I picked up a tiny toy frog (I love frogs!) and left a toy car behind. And here I found a travel bug: Joel's Empire Penguin

Oddly enough, there was another penguin in this cache, too! But this travel bug wanted to come with me for a bit, so I carried him to a few more caches until I found one dry (and large) enough to leave him. Here he is saying goodbye to that cache:

Here's another view as we headed back out of the woods:

And we passed some really pretty flowers along the path, too:

(And now I'm baffled- why do some photos come out crystal clear and some utterly blurry? I'm taking them on the same settings...)

Penguin acquired, we set off to the next cache, Park and Recreation Cache. Dad told me that the tree stump where I was looking had been the location of this cache- back when it had been a tree before it got hit by lightning. LOL! I was in the right spot, just a year behind. So I started looking in other spots and came up with it. Hooray!

You can see the stump here. Isn't the sky so pretty? :D

Here I snagged a six-sided die that was in the cache. I was going to put an eraser in it to swap, but the log was really damp so I was afraid anything in the cache with the log would mean it would seal even less tightly. I figured since it was a micro, this was for the best.

Next we headed to a nearby dog park to look for Luna's Cache. Pulling in I saw the oddest thing- Mount Doom!

There was a pile of... well, stuff outside a barn and in that pile was a volcano. Or at least the front of a volcano, looking like a stage prop. Who randomly keeps a volcano outside, though? LOL!

We'll definitely have to bring the pooches to this dog part because there are some really nice fenced in places for small dogs and big dogs to keep them separate. This used to be some sort of horse ranch thing because there were at least six stables and a bunch of large, fenced areas. Only the two for the dogs were kept up, though.

Here's dad looking at the one stable:

And a slightly better view:

And here's the stable area that was turned into the dog park:

Right, we were looking for a cache, weren't we? ;) Sorry, dad and I always get distracted by architecture and stuff like that. Here's the cache:

I was amused because the squeaky toy in there matched my pants.

Cache log signed and stables poked at, we headed on to the next: Clayton Pipe Refit. This was a multi that my dad had searched for for an entire year, finally completing it last month. With his help (mostly on the 2nd part because I didn't want to be out in the direct sun too long), I found it in one day. ;)

Here's the view near the first part of the cache:

From here he found the coordinates to go to the second part. And this is what I love about Pennsylvania and why I never want to leave the state and live somewhere else. The greenery. I know other states have trees, too, but these are my trees. As an elf-girl, that fact is important. ;)

Here's a creek we passed on the way to part 2:

And here's a view looking back towards part 2:
(Part 2 was just off that golf course and baseball field.)

On to part 3 to find the cache!

I'm currently writing a centaur as a main character for a story and all I could hear was his voice in my head saying how much he loved a grassy field on the edge of a forest with the bright blue sky above. :)

Once we reached the coordinates, the cache was an easy find. I signed the log and dad snapped a picture of me in the woods near it:

I was going to leave the penguin here since the cache was large enough, but it was also rather damp, so he stayed in my purse for a bit longer.

Next we hit a park-and-grab kind of cache located just off a ballpark. Luckily on a weekday early afternoon, no one was there. ;) This one was Tanks for the Park @ BCP!, a micro, so nothing really to say about this one other than another good cache on a gorgeous day. :)

Following this was another park and grab one (HSG), this time outside a shopping center in Delaware (our GPSs didn't extend maps past PA so we joked that we were driving off the edge of the world or in the "here be dragons" spot on a map). My dad snuck around the fence and found it first, but he let me find it, too. :)

Then onto another woodsy trek! Yay! This one was a mystery one called Happy Jack. The coordinates only led us to the parking lot... where I was convinced Batman lived:

(Okay, these boxes were all over the place, as I later learned. Must be a lot of bats!)

We passed what appeared to be a kid's drawing of Medusa:

Now on the lookout for super heroes and gorgons, we also had to locate Happy Jack, who we knew to be a tree stump.

But we found him peeking around a turn in the trail:

And posed for a photoshoot:

Happy Jack faced the coordinates of the cache, so after locating those and entering them into our GPSs, we located the actual cache, where I dropped off the penguin travel bug. :)

On the way out I just had to play on the bouncy animals we'd seen in the way in since now there were no kids around. I picked the duck over the frog or the squirrel. ;)

Whew! Really long post, but it was an equally long day! I think we ended up caching for five hours. It was a lot of fun!

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