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Note: Here be spoilers. Well, sometimes, but you may find photos or info about the location or description of a cache. You've been warned!

Geocaching 101, Part 2

You can find part one of this series here.


There are a lot of things you may or may not want to have when you head out geocaching. Your list will vary some depending on climate, time of year, and location of the cache, but here are a few things to think about bringing!

- Coordinate and other information relating to the cache(s)
- Weather appropriate clothing
- Good shoes
- Pen (Not all caches will have space for a pen as well as a log book. It’s always a good idea to have your own).
- Plastic bag (Let’s be good citizens – pick up trash when you find it – and never leave trash of your own!)
- Bug spray
- Sunscreen
- Water Bottle
- Snacks
- Sun glasses
- For large enough caches, something small to leave.
- Camera – you never know what you might want to capture on film or digitally!
Remember – what you need will depend on the location of the cache and area you are in – but it’s always good to be prepared!

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