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The Adventures of Being an Auntie

I haven't gone geocaching in a couple weeks, and there's a good reason for that! I've spent most of the last two weeks at the hospital with my brother and sister in law. There twins were born last Sunday!

These pictures are the first time I held each of the boys :) Aren't they adorable?

The last two weeks have been full of adventure. Becca went into to the hospital about 4 days before the boys were born. There was concern with some of her labs and her liver counts. At that point they were saying that they were going to monitor her and try to wait another two weeks before the babies were taken out c-section.

The next day John (my brother) ended up in the ER with the mother of all nose bleeds. We estimate that he lost about a pint of blood. He has a history of nose bleeds, but this was bad even for him! He continued to have nose bleeds through out the weekend but none as bad as that one. We're all pretty positive it was just a stress reaction (there were some other things going as well as Becca being in the hospital).

Sunday was when everything went crazy. When I go there around noon they had just told Becca that her latest labs were really bad and that they were going to have to do the c-section soon for the safety of her and the boys. At that point they were saying "today or tomorrow." Then it became, "in the next 8 hours," then, "3 hours." As you can imagine that was NOT a fun afternoon for any of us!

The hardest part, other than the rush of it all, was getting the IV's and such into Becca. She has bad veins and they were NOT co-operating! It's a really good thing I'm not a needle-phobe or I would have run screaming. We estimate it took around 13 pokes to finally get the IV's needed and the blood draw...

The boys were born at 6:12 and 6:15 that evening. No complications, and everyone was so happy and relieved!

Since then the adventure has been what I think of as "life at the NICU." Since they boys were 34 weeks (roughly 6 weeks early) they are in the NICU for awhile. They need to gain strength, weight, and keep their body temperatures. They also need to be able to do all their feedings on their own. Right now they are (during the day) alternating between nursing and being fed through a tube.

Life in the NICU means lots of hand sanitizer, quiet voices, and holding tiny precious boys.

I'm spending all the time up there that I can, but I'm also starting to have to get caught up on the rest of life too :P

So what about you? Any adventures lately?

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