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Note: Here be spoilers. Well, sometimes, but you may find photos or info about the location or description of a cache. You've been warned!

Check out these unique caches I found this month!

Blog post by Meri Greenleaf
Friday, April 26, 2013 | | 0 Comments »

I decided to steal my husband's camera instead of using my crummy old one, so hopefully my photos will start being a bit clearer. :)

Since the weather has been so nice, my husband, dad, and I have found quite a few caches this month. I think out of the 33 I looked for, there was only one I couldn't find. (Oddly enough, that was one my dad had already found but couldn't remember the precise location to give me a hint, lol.)

We found some really interesting cache containers this month, too! I won't link to them because I don't want to give away where/what they are, but these were too fun to not share.

This one looks like a simple fireplug, right?


This is just a bunch of wire things coming off of the electric box unit thing, right?

Actually, I fell for that one. I poked at it, thought it was something I'd either break or get electrocuted by, then started to walk away before my dad told me I was on to something with it. Sure enough, that little box thing opened:

Hey, look- an apple in a tree! Wait, that's not the right tree for an apple!

Nothing odd about a pinecone in an evergreen tree, right?

I told my dad "Hey, look, a pinecone out of season! That must be the cache!" Except, according to my dad, this type of tree doesn't grow pinecones. XD

Hey, look- piles of rocks and a stone wall!

Er... except that middle, somewhat wonky rock was the cache, as was that rectangular stone in the center of the wall. If you weren't looking, you'd never have noticed either of those as being out of place. I was especially impressed by that stone; it was hollowed out to hold a small geocache tube, but the stone was exactly the same as what the wall was made from.

This isn't the cache itself, but the cache was under this weird square thing:

And it wasn't just the caches that were awesome- I also found some fun swag! First was this adorable little sculpted birdy:

Then I found a rubber duckie. I'm slowly collecting a pile of rubber ducks that I find in caches- this is my third.

And here I am showing off my favorite swag from that particular day: snakes in the peanut brittle! (Well, mixed nuts can, but same thing.)

It's an ongoing joke that snakes in the peanut brittle keeps me occupied for hours, so I definitely had to snag this one!

And since I posted a goofy picture of me, may as well share a few others of us:

Not done with the photos yet! During the last caching trip, we got to explore around an old spring house, which was in surprisingly good shape. The roof even appeared to have been retiled recently:

Speaking of ducks, on the way back to the car I made friends with a real one:

I love finding fun caches and fun swag!

A start to the geocaching season!

Blog post by Meri Greenleaf
Monday, April 1, 2013 | | 0 Comments »

Hey, look, I'm updating this blog again! ;) I think the last real caching I did was early September and only had one quick park and grab between then and now and somehow missed blogging about any of those. Whoops! I ended up injured last year and those have finally healed/gotten strong enough that I'm able to go for walks again. Hooray! The weather was perfect (well, a bit cloudy, but it's April, what do you expect?) so that meant that it was time to go caching again. Double hooray!

First my dad and I swung by a cache that was basically a park and grab- which I could have snagged months ago had I realized it was there. It was right outside the building where I got my name changed when I was married a few months ago. Hindsight! Being terribly rusty, my dad beat me to this one- or maybe that was because he knew what we were looking for and where it probably was. :-p

Next we headed to a series of caches; these were along a long park trail in East Goshen, PA. Some were right off of it, some were in the bushes and off the beaten path. We came out about 50/50 here, both of us finding a few of the series of 9. I'll upload a few pictures of the park, but this time of year everything is still brown and dreary (the few flowers made me smile gladly, though, and I kept getting distracted by brightly colored birds- I love spring!).

A few flowers were peeking up near the bridge:

The hint on this one was "stop". Having already seen one of these signs earlier, I had a good idea of where to look. ;)

My dad signing a log:

Hooray for sweatshirt weather!

This tree-lined path looks rather bland, but inviting enough:

But turning around showed us the direction we actually had to take. Maybe in the summer this would be idyllic, but this time of year had my dad and I joking that Ringwraiths were going to follow us to the cache- or that the creepy trees would come to life!

The last stage of the cache was a larger container where we found the prettiest geocoin/travel bug that I've ever seen!

The back of it shone like stained glass in the sunlight. So pretty! I had to leave it behind, though, since I wasn't sure when I'd be able to go caching again and didn't want to sit on it.

Considering that we found 10/10 caches today, I'll consider that productive! Here's to hoping I can have another geocaching day soon! :)