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Note: Here be spoilers. Well, sometimes, but you may find photos or info about the location or description of a cache. You've been warned!

A start to the geocaching season!

Hey, look, I'm updating this blog again! ;) I think the last real caching I did was early September and only had one quick park and grab between then and now and somehow missed blogging about any of those. Whoops! I ended up injured last year and those have finally healed/gotten strong enough that I'm able to go for walks again. Hooray! The weather was perfect (well, a bit cloudy, but it's April, what do you expect?) so that meant that it was time to go caching again. Double hooray!

First my dad and I swung by a cache that was basically a park and grab- which I could have snagged months ago had I realized it was there. It was right outside the building where I got my name changed when I was married a few months ago. Hindsight! Being terribly rusty, my dad beat me to this one- or maybe that was because he knew what we were looking for and where it probably was. :-p

Next we headed to a series of caches; these were along a long park trail in East Goshen, PA. Some were right off of it, some were in the bushes and off the beaten path. We came out about 50/50 here, both of us finding a few of the series of 9. I'll upload a few pictures of the park, but this time of year everything is still brown and dreary (the few flowers made me smile gladly, though, and I kept getting distracted by brightly colored birds- I love spring!).

A few flowers were peeking up near the bridge:

The hint on this one was "stop". Having already seen one of these signs earlier, I had a good idea of where to look. ;)

My dad signing a log:

Hooray for sweatshirt weather!

This tree-lined path looks rather bland, but inviting enough:

But turning around showed us the direction we actually had to take. Maybe in the summer this would be idyllic, but this time of year had my dad and I joking that Ringwraiths were going to follow us to the cache- or that the creepy trees would come to life!

The last stage of the cache was a larger container where we found the prettiest geocoin/travel bug that I've ever seen!

The back of it shone like stained glass in the sunlight. So pretty! I had to leave it behind, though, since I wasn't sure when I'd be able to go caching again and didn't want to sit on it.

Considering that we found 10/10 caches today, I'll consider that productive! Here's to hoping I can have another geocaching day soon! :)

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