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Note: Here be spoilers. Well, sometimes, but you may find photos or info about the location or description of a cache. You've been warned!

Geocaching at the shore!

My husband and I went on vacation to Wildwood/Cape May, NJ this past week. Technically this was our honeymoon since we didn't get one after we were married eight months ago. We had a great time! While we were there we did some geocaching and found five caches.

We brought the kobold plushie that I made for Josh a while ago along with us on vacation, so Whiffy went on adventures with us. I'll post some pictures here that we took while caching.

First we heading to the Cape May Lighthouse where there were three caches nearby. (Josh and I had been inside the lighthouse before, but didn't have a chance to do that this year.)

No, Whiffy, don't try to eat the lighthouse!

First we headed to the Hawk Watch where there was the first nearby cache:

Once we found it, Whiffy had to check it out:

And Josh drew our signature goblin in the logbook:

(Although I guess he should have drawn Whiffy instead!)

After that we headed down to the beach:

Then we went to find the cache located near the WWII bunker. I'd seen this from a distance many times (usually from up on top of the lighthouse) but this was the first time I ever walked up to it. (Here are a few websites of info, albeit with pictures from before more sand was added to the beach: here, here and here.)

While we were wandering the beach, we kept seeing lots and lots of bunnies!

While walking the Cape May park nature trail we also saw an otter swimming around in the pond, but unfortunately couldn't snap a picture of it. The trail was really nice, though! Very secluded and woodsy- I'd also never had a chance to visit this before, either. (Next year definitely spending more time here!) It was getting dark so we only got two pictures here:

(The lighthouse is in the background.)

We ran out of light that day, so the following evening we went to look for another cache nearby near Sunset Beach. See? Very pretty at sunset!

After we watched the sun set, we headed to the nearby WWII tower to find the cache there:

Speaking of things to do next year, I'd love to explore this more. As it was, we got chased away by evening mosquitoes before we could look around for more than the cache.

We also looked for a cache called "What is this?" that night, but it was too dark, so we couldn't find it and I couldn't get pictures. We went back the next day, but I still forgot to get pictures. There are some that other people took on the cache page, though.

The only downside of caching is that somewhere between the tower and the "What is This" cache, I lost one of the rings I was wearing. :( We backtracked, but couldn't find it.

Hoping next year to find more caches at the shore but it was fun even finding these five. :D These pictures weren't related to geocaching, but how could I not include ones taken in Wildwood?

2 Comments to "Geocaching at the shore!"

John Rasmussen Says:
June 22, 2013 at 6:13 PM

Thanks for the memories, from my youth about 60 years ago. We would go to Cape May and Avalon mainly. Sea Isle City also. Such wonderful good times.


Meri Greenleaf Says:
June 23, 2013 at 8:24 AM

I love the shore down there so much! My family stayed in Ocean Gate when I was really little, but for most of my life I've been going to Wildwood (and visiting Cape May while down there). Definitely good memories!