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Note: Here be spoilers. Well, sometimes, but you may find photos or info about the location or description of a cache. You've been warned!

Time for some evening caching

Blog post by Meri Greenleaf
Thursday, September 9, 2010 | | 0 Comments »

My dad and I went geocaching today, but since it's the end of summer, it got dark long before we were done. Because of that, some of my photos had to be heavily edited so they show up- sorry about that!

Today the first cache we hit was Leiper Railway Cache in Leiper Park in Nether Providence, PA.
Since the park had a sign, I took a picture:

The gps was acting wonky because the cache was under a bridge/overpass, but I was able to figure out where it was despite the "help" of the gps. ;) I took a kitty-shaped silly band and left one of my bracelets (note to self: make more of these- I'm down to one left).
Here's the cache:

The next cache (Psycho Suburban Cache #1: Abandoned Springhouse) wasn't one we originally intended to find; my dad just wanted to show me the place because he knows how much I love old buildings (even if they are just in ruins) and it was right down the road from the Leiper Railway cache.

We climbed all over it so that I could get fun photos.
The view from the road of the outside of the springhouse:

The inside of the springhouse- the wall to the left is the other side of the one that's next to the street:

Here we started climbing up above the building- that's an above view of the "inside" of the building:

Then we climbed slightly higher...

And dad says "Hey, what's the square part over there? That looks suspicious." (You can't really see it here, but just below the car is the rectangular part he was referring to.)

We walked (well, climbed) back around the building to get to the front and dad headed in the direction that we'd seen from above. While he was climbing around inside (I wasn't about to- it was way too muddy and full of dangerous-looking bushes and I was wearing shorts), I made friends with a few bumblebees living in the bushes on the outside wall, but you can't see them in the photo (well, sorta- there's a blurry flower in the center where I think one was).

Dad finally reached the spot where he thought the cache to be, and after designating me flashlight girl so I could retrieve it from the car (good thing I didn't go in there!), descended into the square building bit:

Sure enough, he found the right spot- in a pile of cinder blocks (why the heck were cinder blocks in an old springhouse, anyway?) he found the cache. Here's the inside of that square building bit thing and that hole in the ceiling is where he climbed down:

He climbed back out so I could sign the log, too (hey, I was right there- I just wasn't up to a downward climb onto cinder blocks), and I forgot to get a picture of the cache (distracted by talking to the bumblebees. What? I never claimed to be normal).

Then we continued on our way to the third cache of the day, omg spiderz! in Furness Park (we were still in Nether Providence Township).

Needless to say, as soon as dad told me the name of that cache I freaked out, and did in fact see a spider hanging out right next to the cache. I wasn't about to put my hand in to grab the cache, so my dad pulled it out for me. Dads are useful like that. ;) Here's that cache:

I really wish the photos had come out of this park, but it was too dark. :( This is the only one I could get to come out remotely clear:

This park really reminded me of the lands around the estate where my D&D/writing character grew up (and no wonder- like a lot of the parks in Pennsylvania, this was apparently once an estate) and I wanted to get pictures since I could still see, but, alas, it was too dark for the camera. I'll have to drag my fiancé out to the park during the day so I can get some pictures.

I did some random research on the park when I got home and it looks like they're thinking about adding trails and such; this saddens me because I think it's really nice in its natural state. Hopefully they won't change things up too much- as it is, I already found trash there. Stupid people, dirtying up such a pretty location. :(

The last cache we found was a much easier one- literally a walk in the park. This one was brookhaven walk, a quick grab just off the walking trail. It was dark by now so the only picture I was able to get was of the cache container while dad was signing the log:

I found this one right away, but my first reaction was "Hey, is that trash?" since it was stuck into those grates (I pulled it up to open it- it was attached with a wire).

We looked for one other cache after this (Phobia #5), but it was far too dark at that point and since it was in a parking lot, dad and I were afraid we'd be too suspicious poking around in the bushes with a flashlight. We'll have to find that during the day.