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Note: Here be spoilers. Well, sometimes, but you may find photos or info about the location or description of a cache. You've been warned!

Delayed update from July

I just realized that I never blogged about the three caches my dad and I found July 1st, so I'll throw together an update with pictures from that and hope I remember everything.

The first cache we hit that day was Rambo's Cache, the smallest one I've found so far:

Luckily the hint ("Magneficent") clued me in, although it left my dad clueless- he was looking all over on the bridge, but I went to the right spot, having caught the "magne" part of the clue. ;) We weren't actually the first to find, but we we the first after it had been fixed, so we're in the first spot on the log:

After that we headed to a nearby multi-cache called Hollow Paradise on the East Bradford Township Trail. The first part of this one involved finding this plaque on a bridge:

And doing a bit of math. Unfortunately my dad and I are terrible at math, so we were baffled on this one for a bit. Here's dad taking a rest at the start of the trail as we tried to work it out:

Eventually we realized what was wrong with our calculations ("d" does not equal "D"), though, and made our way uphill towards the cache. Here's a huge field we passed (or rather, had to walk through).

After wishing I'd had a walking stick to help me up the hill, I was utterly distracted by an AWESOME tree and grabbed my camera again. This reminded me so much of something out of my beloved Mirkwood that I couldn't resist!

It was covered in vines and tendrils and just looked so cool! And it turns out that while I was distracted, dad had realized that the tree was actually our destination. lol! He pulled the cache out of the hollow trunk and I got there in time to snap his picture:

In the cache was a neat toy knight's horse, so of course I took that one (I left a geocoin)- I think dad left a toy car and took a geocoin, this one certainly being large enough to hold swag. Needless to say, though, I was wishing that horse was a real one after knowing I had that long hike ahead of me again! Fortunately it was now downhill, but before leaving dad took a picture of me in front of the tree:

and I took one of the awesome branches:

See? It's like being home in Mirkwood, only with more sun coming through the trees. Heh. On the way downhill we passed another neat tree:

And we also passed a sign that made me laugh. I'm assuming "equine activities" don't involve poker or water polo. ;)

Since the only horse we saw was the plastic toy one I had stuck in my bag, I figured we were okay.

The last cache we hit that day was a quick one close to home- UPP which is in I think Upper Providence Park? (I think that's what the UPP stands for, anyway.) The GPS was acting wonky but luckily dad had been to that one already and steered me in the right direction. This was another big ammo can thing:

You can see the toy horse I got from the cache before this tucked into the mesh part of my bag (the white and red thing is the horse). Just thought I'd mention that. I took a bouncy ball and left one of my hemp bracelets.

And here's dad hiding it when we were done:

I think there are still a few more caches in that park, so we'll have to get them later.

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